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Shubacoon kittensOur names are Paul and Ramona Shuba of Binghamton, New York. We became involved with this beautiful breed of cat in 1993. Binghamton is located in a part of New York known as "The Southern Tier". We are centrally located one hour south of Syracuse, NY and one hour north of Scranton, PA. Binghamton is known as the carousel capital of the world. Here is where Maine Coons rule and gentle giants are born and raised. Paul and I began doing this by chance when we happened to go to the local cat show in 1993 and were captivated by this breed. We knew we had to have one and once we did the rest is history. As a result we now are members of The Southern Tier cat Fanciers where Ramona is President and we are part of the team Shubacoon kitten - patch w/white girlthat puts together an annual show. We are registered and show exclusively in Cat Fancier's Association, Inc and are very proud of our achievements. We have produced and shown many Grand Champions, Regional Winners, National Breed Winners and four National Winners.

We are a small cattery. Our cats are never caged and our kittens are raised under foot. They are with us in our master bedroom from the time they are born and run the house until they leave. Each breeding male has his own 8' x 12' room with a window view over looking the city and the pool. Our cats are raised with cat trees with sissel on them and they do not scratch our T. Ruxpinfurniture. We highly recommend these for all new kittens and owners, available through Aruba cat. Our kittens are tested for Felv, FIV and FIP. A health guarantee accompanies all of our kittens.

Please enjoy your visit and feel free to contact us with any questions or comments.

Warm Regards,

Ramona & Paul,
Shubacoons Maine Coons

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